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Blairgowrie Parish Church


Our Church was completed and first used for regular services on 19th June  1902. The cost was just short of £8,000. The money was all raised locally so no loan was needed. As it came into being as a result of a conjunction of the Free Church and the United Presbyterian Church, the new Church was named St Andrew’s United Free Church.

In 1929 there was a further coming together of Churches when the United Free Church and the Church of Scotland amalgamated under the banner of the Church of Scotland. Our Church was then called

St Andrew’s Church of Scotland.

Over the years much continuing maintenance was required including a change of fuel from coal to gas and a major renovation of the organ in 1989.

In 2002 another Church in Blairgowrie, St Mary’s South, joined with St Andrew’s Church of Scotland and the name changed to our current one - Blairgowrie Parish Church.

Service of Union of St Mary's South with

Service of Union of St Mary's South with St Andrews Churches in 2002  to form Blairgowrie Parish Church

 Rev John Russell; Rev Linda Broadly; Alisdair Drummond; Rev David Hamilton; Margaret Davidson; 

Rev Fraser Penny; Rev Sandy Gunn.

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Ladies from the joint Guilds of St Mary'

Ladies from the joint Guilds of St Mary's South and St Andrew's Churches. 

Session Clerks Margaret Davidson and Ali

Session Clerks Margaret Davidson and Alisdair Drummond light candles during service of Union of the Churches as a symbolic act of unity.

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