September Prayers

I will bless the Lord at all times: His praise will continually be in my mouth.

(Psalm 34 v 1)



Give thanks for Caroline’s six weeks stay with her mum. Thank God too that she is back in Tank where there have been no Covid19 cases in the hospital.

Pray for a blessing as she prepares her teachers for school reopening on 15th September when a year’s school work will have to be taught in six months to allow children to sit their national exams.




Continue to pray for our nation, our family and friends as we slowly ease out of lockdown.  Pray for those in areas where there is a local spike in positive cases.

As we work to reopen the sanctuary for Sunday services on 27th September, pray for wisdom to get it “right” for our church family.

Give thanks for the weekly service on the church website where the theme this month is God’s faithfulness to us.

Pray for Benjamin and Marie as they travel to London for their daughter’s wedding and as they enjoy a long overdue holiday.




As our local schools settle into the new term, pray for safety for staff and that all may act safely and responsibly.

Although no date has been set for restarting Sunday School, Messy Church and Boys’ Brigade in our church, continue to pray for the leaders, children and their families.




The church has eleven care homes for older people and seven specialist dementia care homes, all run by Crossreach.

Pray for the carers and residents in these homes.  May they see God’s work and feel His presence.

Give thanks too for the care homes here in Blairgowrie and all who care and are cared for.




There are 66.2 million Christians in India, but out of a population of nearly 1.4 billion people it means that Christians make up less than 5 per cent of the population.

Christians are persecuted in India because Indian citizens went to the polls in 2019 and re-elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who leads the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The party believes that being a Hindu is part of Indian identity, and frequently turn a blind eye to attacks on those of other faiths.

“The coronavirus crisis has had a devastating impact on India. Many Indian Christians have lost their income and are struggling to make ends meet – and on top of this, they are often neglected in the distribution of aid because they are Christians. But thanks to the amazing generosity of Open Doors and faithful prayers, thousands of families in India are being provided with vital food aid.”

Pray for the work of Open Doors who help Christians in countries, including India, where they are persecuted.




In your prayers, remember the work of the Compass Centre, Glenshee as the staff still on duty plan major changes for future provision in this local Christian centre.  Pray for:

·        wisdom as they map out the way ahead for sharing God’s word and love to visiting groups,

·        continued financial provision over the months where there is no income,

·        practical help/resources to get the grounds in shape before winter,

·        the two staff members who are currently furloughed, and

·        the three on duty as they move into the winter months and continue in post unsure what will be possible in terms of bookings.




Pray for all those in our church family, our own family and friends who are:

·        ill,

·        in hospital awaiting tests or procedures,

·        are recuperating from an illness or operation,

·        lonely and feeling isolated during COVID-19 conditions,

·        worried about finances, family members or friends, or

·        in need of fellowship with our church family.

Pray for a blessing on these folk and all who care for and help them.


Blairgowrie Parish Church is a congregation within the Church of Scotland.  We are part of Dunkeld and Meigle Presbytery.


We are a registered Scottish Charity No. SC033757

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