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“Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil” (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14)

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Growing Old


Gray hair is a crown of glory;
   it is gained in a righteous life. (Proverbs 16:31)


Growing old, like taxes, is a fact we all must face. Now, you're not going to get me to declare when growing up stops and growing old starts—I am not that naive! But there are some signs we can read along life's journey that suggest we are entering the transition (how's that for diplomacy?).


Physically, the aging "frame" puts on the brakes. You begin to huff and puff when you used to rip and zip. You prefer to sit more than stand . . . to watch more than to do . . . to forget your birthday rather than remember it! Mentally, the aging brain longs for relief. You can't remember like you used to, and you don't respond like you ought to. You start thinking more about yesterday and tomorrow and less about today. Emotionally, you undergo strange fears and feelings you once swore would "never occur in me," such as:

  • Being negative, critical, and downright bad-tempered at times.

  • Being reluctant to let those who are younger carry more responsibility.

  • Feeling unwanted and "in the way."

  • Preoccupied with "what if" rather frequently.

  • Feeling guilty over previous mistakes and wrong decisions.

  • Feeling forgotten, unloved, lonely, and passed by.

  • Threatened by sounds, speed, financial uncertainty, and disease.

  • Resisting the need to adjust and adapt.


All this—and there is much more—is worsened by the memory of those days when you once were so very efficient, capable, needed, and fulfilled. As you look into the mirror, you're forced to admit that the fingers of age have begun to scratch their marks upon your house of clay . . . and it's hard to believe your twilight years could be of any worth.

How wrong! How terribly wrong! How destructive such thoughts can be! How quickly such thinking can sentence you to the prison cell of self-pity surrounded by the four bleak walls of doubt, depression, uselessness, and grief.

God's patriarchs have always been among His choicest possessions. Abraham was far more effective once he grew old and mellow. Moses wasn't used with any measure of success until he turned eighty. Caleb was eighty-five when he began to enjoy God's best goals. Samuel was old, old when the God of Israel led him to establish the "school of the prophets," an institution that had a lasting influence for spirituality and godliness in the centuries to come. And who could deny the way God used Paul during his last days on his knees, writing words of encouragement in letters we cherish today!

No one fails to see that growing old has its difficulties and heartaches. It does, indeed. But to see only the hot sands of your desert experience and miss the lovely oases here and there (though they may be few) is to turn the latter part of your journey through life into an arid, tasteless endurance which makes everyone miserable.

Please don't forget—God has decided to let you live this long. Your old age is not a mistake . . . nor an oversight . . . nor an afterthought. Isn't it about time you cooled your tongue and softened your smile with a refreshing drink from the water of God's oasis? You've been thirsty a long, long time.


My dear Christian friend, enjoy your stage in your life; fill your mind with the truth of His Word, speak to Him daily, love Him in utter sincerity, and glorify Him in all you do. Lastly, enjoy your family and your brothers and sisters in the faith. Worship God together within His Church. Be part of it and make sure that your legacy will be one filled with the wonder and the joy of the Lord, who is ever faithful and loving towards you.

With prayers and blessings,




Loving Lord, we thank You for the thrill of life and all the mercies that You give to each of us day by day, but Lord as we advance in years our bodies begin to lose their strength, our fingers lose their dexterity and our knees begin to tremble. And Lord, the time comes all too fast, when we are not able to care for ourselves as we would like to, but have to rely on help from other people to do the basic things of life, like eating and drinking, bathing and generally caring for our homes and ourselves.

Loving Lord, we bring before You all the elderly and infirm, not only those that we know, but all who are facing this stage of their life. Draw those that have never placed their trust in You into a saving relationship with Jesus, and give those that are of the household of faith Your peace that passes understanding in their heart, as they fulfil Your purpose for their lives, in whatever condition or situation they find themselves.

Give grace to those that find it difficult to come to terms with other people caring for them, knowing that Your grace is sufficient. And as they grow older, I pray that in Your love and mercy, You will draw each one into closer fellowship with Yourself. In Jesus' name I pray, 


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